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Executive Principal – Chris Mulqueen

Student Behaviour Support Programme

This programme will run on a Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Thursday and/or Fridays the students will work with us at Aspire, Wednesday The programme Leader will visit the schools of the students on the programme.

The programme aim is to help students understand their behaviours and to put personalised strategies in place so the student can succeed in mainstream. This will involve us working with the student in groups, one to one and in the School setting.

At the beginning of the programme we will assess the students with the system we use at Aspire (ABALs), the results of which will then inform the individual targets we will set them. The targets we will use, called SPACE targets (Socialising, Participation, Attendance, Curriculum and Endurance), are devised from the result of the ABAL assessment. We will share all this information with you so that these targets can then be used during their lessons while with you. We will also be happy to work/advise staff on any further strategies that may support their behaviour.

The students will be based at our Revive site so we will look to take advantage of Hull Town Centre, this could be, depending on the student, as simple as understanding train times.

We will monitor the students closely throughout the programme and will re-assess after 6 weeks, Aspire will then advise, with input from the School, whether we feel the student needs to remain on the programme or has made enough progress to succeed in mainstream.

We will only run this with a maximum of six students per day.

To begin designing your bespoke support package please contact Mrs E. Davidson-Lane at Aspire by calling 01482 318789 or email e.davidson@asp.hslt.academy

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Aspire Academy will provide a paper copy of the information on the school website if requested. Please contact us for copies.