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Aspire Positive Behaviour

Aspire Academy is committed to removing barriers to learning by providing an environment in which every student can safely access all the learning opportunities provided by the Academy and in which effective teaching and learning can take place.

Aspire Academy is also committed to improving opportunity in and for the wider community by encouraging students to develop the skills and behaviour that will allow them to take a positive, pro-active role outside as well as in school.

The positive behaviour policy is rooted in our key principles of empathy, courage and community. Students are given the opportunity at all times to make positive choices and repair damaged relationships. However, students who persistently refuse to abide by the agreed standards of expected behaviour will be subject to procedures detailed in the relevant Academy policies which will include fixed term and, in exceptional circumstances, permanent exclusion from the Academy.

Positive behaviour is encouraged through:

  • Visible behaviour procedures following Academy policy.
  • Consistent approach from staff when dealing with issues.
  • Good Practice in classroom management and teaching, with high student to staff ratios.
  • Good behaviour management and expectations.
  • A specific pastoral support team for individualised responses.
  • Thorough monitoring that enables identification of areas where more support may be needed.
  • Individualised students targets which are specific, measurable, meaningful, achievable, realistic and time-bound with high expectations of learners’ learning and behaviour.
  • Positive and regular home/academy contact
  • Positive role modelling by staff at all times

To read our Positive Discipline Policy, please visit our policies page.

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