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Welcome to Aspire Academy, Hull

We are an Alternative Provision Academy that serves vulnerable students, primarily within Hull and the East Riding. Our main site is situated in East Hull. Our students have a range of barriers to learning. These barriers have resulted in exclusion from mainstream education, or mainstream education not being the right offer to meet their needs. This has impacted on their overall engagement with education and learning, future aspirations, mental health and well-being, self-belief and self-worth. In many cases this has affected the child’s ability to understand themselves, make sense of their world and their self-regulation within a learning environment.
Aspire’s curriculum intent is to; re-engage and regulate; identify and meet need; and then to enable both academic and personal progress. We recognise that progress may present differently for each individual student. All progress should be celebrated. Our trauma informed approach has, at its very core, the understanding that this starts with acceptance, understanding and empathy. Our experienced teachers are passionate about an appropriate and broad curriculum that allows us to achieve the best outcomes for each child. Aspire has a bespoke curriculum. As an AP, we can utilise the parts of the national curriculum, alongside a varied and broad offer, that meet the specific needs of our cohort. Our curriculum has a range of innovative pathways to suit the needs of our learners.  We aim for each child’s learning experience to be tailored in such a way that it ensures engagement, resulting in both academic progress and personal growth.
Aspire enables our students to succeed in education. We build personal skills, developing their confidence and self-awareness. We focus on increasing resilience, identifying strategies and understanding appropriate ways to source support. Our offer enables them to believe they can achieve and find their aspirations for the future. We support them in their transition, at each stage, through to post-16 and into their next settings. Aspire achieves this through building strong relationships with all stakeholders, an embedded trauma informed approach and a flexible, responsive curriculum; a curriculum which engages the child and increasingly challenges them alongside their personal development progress. Our school; our curriculum model; our ethos; our approach, are all designed to meet the varied individual needs of each student.
We enjoy working with a large range of professionals to support our students and we are always keen to forge partnerships. We see ourselves as being at the cutting edge of educational provision and individual development.

Ms S Ward

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