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Executive Principal – Chris Mulqueen

The Academy Day

The Academy Day

Our school day is designed to provide maximum curriculum time from normal school day hours.

Lessons last a minimum of one hour.

Longer lessons include sitting times for break and lunch; where break and lunch is included lesson length is extended to ensure curriculum time during that time remains at a minimum of one hour.

The afternoon lesson is extended for all years, in order to meet the needs of KS4 vocational time and to prepare KS3 year groups for when they reach KS4.


Registration8:409:00Breakfast served during this time
Lesson 19:0010:00
Lesson 210:0011:20
Lesson 311:2012:15
Lesson 412:1513:40
Lunch first sitting12:1512:40
Lunch second sitting13:1513:40
Lesson 513:4014:40

Morning break takes place within lessons as part of Lesson 2.

Week Total Hours: 30 hours

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