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Executive Principal – Chris Mulqueen

Team Teach

Aspire Academy is licensed by Team Teach to deliver its courses across our region. We have a dedicated group of highly trained and qualified tutors that deliver training at both Primary and Secondary School level. Each course is supported with a Restrictive Physical Intervention Systems audit and updates. Schools will also receive training and guidance around  the legal aspects of RPI.


Which course do you need?

Primary Aged Students

This is a 6 hour course that grants a 36 month certificated accreditation The course is specific to Primary school needs and its environment.

Secondary Aged Students

This is a 6 hour course that grants a 36 month certificated accreditation Aspects of the course are specific to environment and size of students.

Specialist and High Risk Settings (including mainstream for Advanced Elements course)

This is a 12 hour course that grants a 24 month certificated accreditation The course can also be supported by an Advanced Elements Course which focusses on how to deal with the use of everyday objects as weapons.

The areas covered within all courses are:

  • De-Escalation including verbal prompting and help scripts
  • The Conflict Spiral
  • The origins of Behaviour
  • Post-Incident Learning
  • Behaviours that Challenge
  • Personal space and Body Language
  • Positive Handling Techniques and planning in advance
  • We are happy to visit you at no cost to discuss how we can potentially support.

To begin designing your bespoke support package please contact Mrs E. Davidson-Lane at Aspire by calling 01482 318789 or email admin@aspirehull.com

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Aspire Academy will provide a paper copy of the information on the school website if requested. Please contact us for copies.