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Executive Principal – Chris Mulqueen

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Provision

The Aspire Academy curriculum is flexible and able to meet individual learner needs regardless of when a student joins us. There is a consistent and explicit focus on learning, encouraging students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning.

The focus of our curriculum is the progress of the individual from their starting point, hence the inclusion of learning beyond the classroom as well as within. ‘Progress’ at Aspire Academy will be developed through personalised learning that results in the acquisition of employability skills. The overall aim for a student is for them to leave equipped to access further education, employment or training.

Key Stage 3

Learning Hours are divided between: English; Mathematics; Science; History; Geography; RE; Crucial Skills;  Technology; PE and PSHCE.

KS3 hours include a minimum of 15 minutes private reading each day.

Subject Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English 4 hpw 4 hpw 4 hpw
Maths 4 hpw 4 hpw 4 hpw
Science 2 hpw 2 hpw 2 hpw
PSHE 1 hpw 1 hpw 1 hpw
IT 1 hpw 1 hpw 1 hpw
PE 1 hpw 1 hpw 1 hpw
Technology 4 hpw 4 hpw 4 hpw
Humanities 3 hpw 3 hpw 3 hpw
Crucial Skills 2 hpw 2 hpw 2 hpw
Art 3 hpw 3 hpw 3 hpw

Key Stage 4 AM

AM Learning Hours are divided between: GCSE an Functional Skills in English; GCSE English Literature; GCSE and Functional Skills Mathematics; GCSE Citizenship (year 10); ECDL; GCSE Photography; GCSE Art; PSHE; CIEAG; GCSE Science (option) and for students with a reading age significantly below their chronological age, they also have dedicated 1:1 reading time each day.

Key Stage 4 PM

PM Learning Hours: Additional GCSEs in the Academic Option; Vocational options including: City and Guilds Hair and Beauty; City and Guilds Construction; City and Guilds Catering; IMI Motor Vehicle; GCSE Textiles and Media. All students will complete ECDL (ICT) throughout the course of year 11.

At Key Stage 3 and 4 there is a strong emphasis on developing the students’ literacy and numeracy skills in order to allow them to access all areas of the curriculum; these are highlighted and identified in teachers’ planning. ICT is also integrated throughout the curriculum and the impact of this is demonstrated in our year 11 ECDL results in year 11.

Students unable to access the curriculum of the main site will complete a range of vocational courses with external providers; academic curriculum support by Aspire teaching staff and supported with 1:1 tuition throughout the week. We expect all students, including those on to complete key stage 4 and leave with a minimum 5 GCSEs A* – G including English and Maths, or equivalencies.

Subject Year 10 Year 11
English 4 hpw 4 hpw
Maths 4 hpw 4 hpw
Vocational Option 7 hpw 7 hpw
3D Design   2 hpw
PSHE 1 hpw 1 hpw
Photography   2 hpw
Enrichment 2 hpw 2 hpw
Environmental Management /Science 2 hpw  
Art 2 hpw  
IT 1 hpw 1 hpw
History/ Science   2 hpw
Geography 2 hpw  

Further information

If parents or carers have any questions or concerns about our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact us at Aspire Academy.

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