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Executive Principal – Chris Mulqueen

Hope Sentamu Learning Trust

Aspire Academy is part of the Hope Sentamu Learning Trust.

A Church of England Trust, Hope Sentamu brings together church and community schools with a shared vision that all pupils should not only receive an outstanding education, but that they should also have the opportunity to experience life in all its fullness.

The Hope Sentamu Learning Trust (HSLT) was formed on 1 September 2021 following the merger of the Hope Learning Trust, York and the Sentamu Academy Learning Trust, Hull. It comprises six secondary, seven primary and two alternative provision academies across York, Hull and North Yorkshire.

The Trust’s values, Respect, Teamwork and Kindness, underpin the vision ‘Life in all its fullness – a place to thrive’ and are central to all Trust activities and aims.

There is a clear commitment to ensure the flourishing of students and providing opportunities for staff to develop their own career pathways, alongside the provision of high-quality education and resources.

Prior to the merger, colleagues across Hope and Sentamu worked collaboratively for a period of almost two years and as this new partnership develops, the newly merged Trust will offer many benefits:

  • enhanced levels of continuous school improvement;
  • cross-fertilisation of best practice and improved opportunities for mutual support;
  • improved value for money within the resources available;
  • enhanced central functions; and
  • the ability to grow further.

At Hope Sentamu, we want to inspire our young people from an early age with a vision of how they can become extraordinary citizens – ambitious for themselves, their families and their community, committed to serving others, and fully equipped to carry on learning throughout their lives.


A history of the Trust

Hope Learning Trust was established in April 2015. Manor CE Academy and Poppleton Ousebank Primary School were the founding partners and by 2021, Hope had ten partner schools (five secondary and five primary) across York and North Yorkshire.

Sentamu Academy Learning Trust was created in February 2015 and comprised one secondary academy, two Alternative Provision academies for children in Years 6 – 11 and two primary academies, all within the boundary of Hull.

The Regional School Commissioners (RSC) approved the merger of the two Trusts in November 2020 and the merger was formalised on 1 September 2021.

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