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Executive Principal – Chris Mulqueen

Aspire Winter Health Check

In the last week of term, the Motor Vehicle students used their expertise to prepare staff cars for the cold spells and difficult road conditions that might arise over the Christmas break.

TYRES were checked for their overall condition, including the tread depth and pressure

BATTERY charge and condition were tested

ANTI-FREEZE levels and strengths were established

WIPER BLADES were scrutinised for splits or damage

WINDSCREEN WASH SYSTEM and screen wash levels were checked

LIGHT BULBS were tested

Once complete, the Motor Vehicle Technicians discussed the vehicle reports with owners, providing help and guidance with any elements which did not meet safety requirements.

They found 4 nearly illegal tyres, 1 slow puncture, 2 overdue services, 2 due brake fluid change and 1 rear brakes binding. They managed to rectify all faults, including tyre replacement and repair.

Safe driving everybody and a BIG thanks to our budding mechanics!

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