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Update from Aspire

It’s all about Proportion

Contextualising Maths with Year 10 recap work on Proportion.

3D Creations

Our Year 11 Revive groups are off to a flying start on their 3D Art GCSE courses, with some interesting and creative early 3D creations. We can’t wait to see how these develop over the next couple of weeks. Our Arts outcomes in all disciplines are outstanding every year and this year looks set to be no different.

GCSE Preparations 

As our Autumn exam series approaches, year 11 are hard at work and practising timed responses to GCSE questions. Our first exam is October 4th. Good luck to all our candidates!

Life Skills 

11W enjoyed their Life Skills session this week, using our catering facilities to build on practical cooking skills and their knowledge around nutrition. 

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