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All classes remembered the fallen in a variety of ways. Wreaths were made to commemorate soldiers from WW1 to current conflicts, who have given their today’s so in order that we can have our tomorrows. Staff and students spoke about personal and family experience of being involved with conflicts and the devastation that it has brought to many.
We spoke about the sacrifices families made during ‘covid’ and how many of our relations volunteered to support others in need. The forces, uniformed and civil, still to the current day, support countries in the Commonwealth, the world as long as the UK defends the peace the soldiers, sailor and airmen of the past fought so valiantly for.
This peace is symbolised through the use of doves on the display. Some students wrote letters of thanks, others created a poppy of remembrance; it was lovely that some students came and respectfully supported the building of the display.

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