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Executive Principal – Chris Mulqueen

An EGGcellent Idea!


The academy bought some eggs from Haven Farm in Hedon to enable the Animal Care group to experience the incubating, hatching and rearing processes.

The seven Cream Legbar eggs spent 21 days in an incubator, watched over carefully by students and staff. It was important to maintain the correct heat and humidity to allow the eggs to hatch.

At intervals, over 2 days, the 7 chicks forced their way out of their shells. The students were delighted with the fluffy feathered balls and named them Lady, Angel, Thor, Spike Loci, Leo and El Diablo.

Student D Danby from the Animal Care group explained how the whole process was magical and how they learned to handle and feed the chicks. It was amazing how quickly they developed and grew!

They will remain in their current nest until the end of June when they will be returned to the farm. It will be sad to see them go.

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