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The Aspire Experience

The Aspire Experience

Aspire Academy aims for all students to leave with the tools to be a successful, positive contributor to society, irrespective of their starting point when joining us. Aspire accepts our students may have faced many challenges to the point they join us. Aspire accepts our students may continue to face challenges in their every day lives. However Aspire Academy is committed to supporting students in overcoming their barriers to learning and helping them develop towards being valuable members of their community Post-16.

Aspire Academy achieves this by providing a varied education enabling them to leave equipped with the right qualifications, developed personal attributes and a good understanding of their community and how they impact on it. At Aspire we believe those students with challenges and barriers to learning should have the same educational opportunities as all other students in the country. This includes access to resources, high quality teaching, educational trips and visits and a wider learning outside the classroom.

Aspire’s Curriculum Intent Continuum Statement

  • The provision of a curriculum that is inclusive, intent on re-engaging students in learning and accessible for all.
  • The provision of a broad, balanced and flexible curriculum that meets the individual needs of learners.
  • To enable a platform from which individuals build upon levels of self-confidence and self-awareness, resulting in increasing levels of resilience.
  • To enable SMSC and enrichment opportunities, equipping students to be empathetic towards others and supporting the development of their social and moral sense of responsibility.
  • To support the personal and academic development of individual learners, from their baseline at admission to the point of transition to the next stage.


Students follow a varied curriculum with its roots heavily implanted in that of basic literacy, numeracy and I.T skills. With good skills in these areas, students will have the best chance of a positive Post-16 outcome. Therefore the core skills found in English, maths and I.T run throughout all subject areas.

High quality teaching will enable students to make the progress they are able to, including more rapid progress where gaps in learning are evident. Both qualified teachers and HLTAs providing specialist knowledge and experience deliver high quality lessons, supported by a vigourous quality assurance programme ensuring standards are maintained.

All students will sit English and maths GCSEs at KS4; in addition to other qualifications. All KS4 students will have the opportunity to study a vocational course including Motor Vehicles, Hair and Beauty, Construction. Students who join Aspire Academy after the start of a key stage or a year are provided with a more personalised timetable including intervention or additional extra curricular time after school.

Personal Attributes

Students must be able to function successfully with both peers, adults and authority in order for the best chance of success post-16.

The pastoral core of the Academy is designed with this in mind. Aspire provides a structured, calm environment for all students to learn. Support is in place for students who find a school environment challenging with a strong pastoral team consisting of key stage managers, teaching assistants and SLOs. There is a clear behaviour, rewards and sanctions policy in place, which teaches students about personal responsibility, control, boundaries and levels of acceptable behaviours. The approaches of restorative practice and circle time, along with built in opportunities for reflection and resolution, support the policies in place and allow students to revisit events, discuss the process they went through at the time and speculate and be guided in how to respond to a similar situation if it was to happen again.

Further to this, students who need additional social skills support will attend, as part of their full-time timetable, external providers whose provision is designed specifically to address this.


Students must be able to recognise the communities they belong to, their potential impact on that community and their responsibility to the wider global community as a whole. This is essential if they are to be successful Post-16.

Aspire Academy allows students to recognise their immediate roles within their local communities (including academy, team, family home, area and city). Students follow the CAP (Community Award Programme) which not only supports them in the aim above, but further encourages them to become positively involved in what is going on around them. The programme requires them to self assess and evaluate their contributions at regular intervals throughout the academic year. The programme requires them to collate and liaise with various members of their local communities in order to evidence their contributions. These are recognised with pin badges and certificates, providing a useful evidence base to present to employers and post-16 training providers during applications and interviews. This also allows the community to view them in a different light, amending any negative perceptions some may have of young people, allowing young people to feel pride and confidence in what they can do for others and recognise the positives in much of what they do already.

Aspire Academy provides opportunities to engage with the wider community and the international community. Aspire Academy holds the International School Award (ISA) and regularly provides its students with the opportunity for international visits.. Aspire has well formed links with schools in Poland, Sierra Leone and China; three contrasting cultures whereby students can learn about the lives, traditions, beliefs and challenges facing young people around the world. As part of the links, students are to produce projects and communicate regularly with other students.

Activities like this not only encourage understanding, tolerance and perspective but empathy and communication skills, not least the importance of using Standard English in order to do so effectively.

Trips and Visits

Trips and visits are essential to providing a broad and well rounded curriculum. They encourage resilience, determination and challenges students outside of their comfort zone. Aspire students have the opportunity to take part in various trips and visits, in excess of those they are entitled to attend as a result of the rewards policy. Examples include:

Aspire students have the opportunity to visit Poland and China.  The visits provide opportunities to work in partner schools and also learn from historical sites such as Auschwitz and the Forbidden Palace in conjunction with seeing how others live.

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